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Jon Rivera
Director - Brisbane

Project Director / Residential Projects

Jonathan has over 12 years of residential market analysis, development and advisory experience in Australia, United States and Asia. Jonathan is considered to be one of Australia's leading
residential property advisors, working with Australia's and the world's largest developers and property funds.

Much of Jonathan's success has come from looking forward and keeping a firm eye on future trends which he then implements into projects. Jonathan has applied his unique skill set and experience to advise on residential development, strategic project planning, design, site identification, purchaser profiling, product demand, sales and marketing. Jonathan strives to provide foresight and certainty to his clients, aiming to reduce risks and aiding them to formulate informed and strategic decision.

Jonathan's ability to translate consumer, economic, property and demographic trends into strategic advice has seen him become a preferred provider of residential property consultancy for an array of
organisations, government and councils, nationally and internationally.

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