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AVID Property Group X Take 3 for the Sea


24 April 2019

It has been estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the water than fish.

Which is why developer AVID Property Group (AVID) partnered in June last year with not-for-profit environmental movement, Take 3 for the Sea to help create a cleaner environment by spreading the word through community events. With 150 kilograms of rubbish already collected from Australia’s coastline, and one million people reaches with the ‘Take 3’ message- the partnership has been a great example of the power of community.

 “The Take 3 message is so easy, so everyone can make a difference – simply pick-up three pieces of rubbish as you leave the park, beach, waterway or anywhere and you’ve helped contribute to keeping our environment clean,” says Cameron Holt, Avid Property Group CEO.

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With over 1 million plastic bottles purchased every minute around the world and 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags used annually worldwide, we are seeing our oceans literally clogging up fast. You may have walked along your local beach recently and noticed recognizable branded items washed up or left along the shoreline.

However, there is another growing problem: microplastics. The small pieces of plastic, about five millimetres long have developed as a result from degraded plastic. Fish are consuming these plastics and we are consuming the fish which means we too may have Great Garbage Patches forming inside of ourselves. This makes the need to improve waste and cleaning the beaches even more important.

To date, AVID has hosted 12 events across 3 states and in six residential communities attracting 2000 participants but also spreading the important philosophy across the nation.

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Previous AVID and Take 3 events included a series of free local events at the Bloomdale community in Diggers Rest, proudly supported by local community groups; including the Diggers Rest Bulla Village Cricket Club, Diggers Rest Football and Netball Club, as well as the Lions Club of Diggers Rest.

Seeing developers like Avid taking the initiative towards creating and supporting healthy communities will become increasingly important in a world with a growing population and increased consumption needs. We look forward to following their exemplary journey.

Coming up, Avid will host a series of free Take 3 local events in Sydney on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May 2019. The upcoming event will include an exclusive screening of 2040 at Palace Verona Cinema followed the next day by a clean-up morning at Rushcutters Bay Park with Silverwood.