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Construction Update - Darling Square

Construction Update

10 March 2017

Learn more about the construction of Darling Habour's latest residential and most premium development.

With our Building team back in full swing on site, construction on the 2nd Residential Release – Trinity House, Harbour Place and Darling North – has been progressing well. We are pleased to confirm two of the three tower cranes are now erected on site as per the image, with the crane base for the third tower crane poured allowing for its erection in the weeks ahead.

In-ground hydraulic service installations like stormwater, sewer, and potable water are well underway and an in-ground rainwater tank has been installed. At a massive 80,000 litres, this tank forms part of our project sustainability strategy via storing rainwater for future reuse within the development.

With these fundamental services now in place, building of the central cores have now commenced to Darling North, Trinity House and Harbour Place with the starter walls to Darling North's lift core clearly visible in the photo.

The image was taken from St Leon, which along with Wirth House, will be the first apartment building to be completed at Darling Square. Closely followed by Darling One, all three buildings within the 1st Residential Release will be completed and settled by the end of 2017.

Darling One is currently the tallest tower on the Darling Square site, already reaching Level 36. We anticipate the structure of Darling One to "top out" at its maximum 40 storey height in April - yet another major milestone for the project.