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Macquarie Park - Hot Investor Haven

Buying Off The Plan

31 March 2017

Meet Raymond Wong, a family man from Wahroonga, in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. He recently bought two investment properties through CBRE Residential Projects at Macquarie Park Village.

The project came to Raymond’s attention after a night out at a local restaurant when he spotted the bold signage on Herring Road.

As a seasoned off the plan investor, he was not daunted by purchasing the unknown, rather he was more concerned about getting the exact apartment within his budget come launch day.

“When I registered to attend the launch day, I knew that there would be interest in this project as unlike areas like Zetland and Green Square, there is an under supply of new apartments in this area.”

However, what happened next is what truly surprised him. “I have been to many other launch days at other competitors display suites, but I have never seen such high volumes of serious buyers. Apartments were being snapped under my nose, literally. I missed out on two apartments that I placed an interest in and was lucky to get these two!”

The buying experience has been smooth with Raymond commending the professionalism of the CBRE Settlements team who were always on hand to answer any questions and provide any development news. Furthermore, he is pleased with the fact that quality of the finished product was extremely high. “I have bought other properties where I have had to report several issues with my apartment to the developer in the last settlement phases. Things like scratched finishes, wobbly door handles, etc.”

When asked what their plans were for the new apartment, Raymond’s wife cheekily interrupted: “To move in and enjoy the stunning treetop views from the generous sized balcony for at least the next 6 months.” Raymond smiled appeasingly but added: “Ideally we’d like to let it out as this area attracts a lot of young professionals who work in the area at the Business Park and Macquarie Centre.”