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Quartet Lane Cove - Construction Update, October 2017

Construction Update

11 October 2017


Building began in February and many key milestones have been made, including:

Demolition completed: 17/3/2017

Excavation & piling commenced: 24/3/2017

Major excavation completed: 14/8/2017

Building of underground structure commenced: Starting at Dolce, 19/6/2017


The underground structure is well underwat for all four buildings:

Andante & Brilliante: Ready for steel fixing on the 2nd basement slab

Cantabile: Ready for steel fixing on the ground-floor slab

Dolce: Ready for concrete pouring on the ground-floor slab

As at 22 September, overall construction is progressing as per original schedule with completion expected at the end of 2018.

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Quartet Lane Cove
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